Chokecherry ‘Schubert’

Schubert Chokecherry is a pyramidal shaped tree with purple foliage. Showy light pink flowers appear in spring, followed by deep purple-black fruit. New foliage is green but quickly turns a vibrant red-purple that lasts all summer. Nice contrasting tree in the Calgary landscape.

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Prunus virginiana ‘Schubert’

Zone: 2
Exposure: Full Sun
Mature Size: 20′ high x 12′ wide
Tree Form: Rounded
Growth Rate: Moderate
Special Features: White flowers, small black edible fruit
Fall Color:  Deep purple

Description:  This versatile Schubert combines impressive ornamental value with great drought resistance.  Its foliage emerges green in the spring, turning burgundy red for summer and deep purple in fall.  Small white clusters of blooms become small black edible fruit.

Ornamental Features: Foliage emerges green in spring, turning burgundy red for summer, and deep purple in the fall. Black fruits are held in abundance, excellent for making jams and jellies and wine-making. Self-pollinating.

Landscape Attributes: Deciduous tree with a more or less rounded form. Best pruned in late winter. It is a good choice for attracting birds to your yard.

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