Pine ‘Mountain’


Mountain Pine is a dense multi-stemmed evergreen tree with an upright spreading habit of growth. Relatively low maintenance tree. When pruning is necessary, it is recommended to only trim back the new growth of the current season. Deer don’t particularly care for this plant and will usually leave it alone in favor of tastier plants.

Pinus uncinata

Zone: 2
Exposure: Full sun
Mature Size: 15′ high x 7′ wide
Tree Form:  Broad, pyramidal
Foliage Color: Long dark green needles with mature glossy brown cones
Growth Rate:  Moderate
Uses:  Specimen, shade, screen/windbreak

Description: A gorgeous accent or shade tree! Mountain Pines have a broad, pyramidal form, long dark green needles and mature glossy brown cones.  Extremely tolerant and adaptable.  A must have for any landscape.

Ornamental Features: Long dark green needles with mature glossy brown cones. Needles remain dark green throughout the winter.

Landscape Attributes: A hardy, dense evergreen tree with broad, pyramidal form and a strong central leader.  Low maintenance and drought tolerant once established. Excellent choice for larger landscapes as a shade, screen, or windbreak.

Please read all the requirements for installation of trees and shrubs.

  • Online purchases must be paid in full at the time of order.
  • Machine Installation requires at a minimum: 8 foot or 2.5 metre access with a clear flat path to installation spot(s).
  • Installation may be changed to HAND installation if it turns out there is not adequate room for a machine installation.  Hand installations vary in pricing depending on tree size.  Please contact us for a hand install quote.
  • We do not move plants into a previously dug hole. This would be considered an installation and installation fees will apply.
  • Customers MUST have all underground utilities located prior to installation. Failure to have underground utilities located in a timely manner may result in delays/rescheduling of your installation.
  • The planting locations of the trees must be clearly marked with the pin flags provided to you by Countryside before our installers arrive to do your installation.
  • Countryside is not liable for any damages incurred on a customer’s property during the hand/machine installation. This includes but is not limited to damage to grass/sod, driveway, sidewalk/pathway/patios, edging, mulch, irrigation or any unmarked line or underground utility.
  • Upon site inspection, Countryside reserves the right to refuse service.
  • If our installation crews arrive at your planting site and are unable to complete the installation you may be charged a Restocking Fee and will have to pay for an additional delivery on your rescheduled installation.
  • If machine access is unavailable or there is a line conflict discovered after purchase of preorder items a credit will be issued to be used towards alternate plant material. As all Pre-Order items are grown/ dug specifically for the orders at reduced pricing we cannot issue refunds.
  • If additional soil is required for planting there will be a charge payable by customer. Our office must know prior to the day of your install so it can be added to your order and delivered at the same time.
  • Additional services such as staking trees, watering and drip-line irrigation installation are not included in our installation rates.
  • The completion of our online installation questionnaire is required prior to confirming and scheduling your installation.
  • Installation of all Countryside Trees & Shrubs includes one fertiliser application at the time of planting.

The install fees for standard coniferous / evergreen trees are:

Hand Install

Machine Install

Size Price Height Price
1 Gal $25.00 4-5′ $195.00
2 Gal $25.00 5-6′ $195.00
5 Gal $65.00 6-7′ $195.00
7 Gal $65.00 7-8′ $195.00
10 Gal $125.00 8-9′ $195.00
15 Gal $125.00 9-10′ $225.00
20 Gal $135.00 10-11′ $225.00
4-5′ $250.00 11-12′ $350.00
5-6′ $250.00 12-13′ $350.00
6-7′ $395.00 13-14′ $350.00
14-15′ $350.00
15-16′ $350.00

The install fees for standard deciduous and fruit trees are:

Hand Install

Machine Install

Size Price Height Price
1 Gal $25.00 30 mm $195.00
2 Gal $25.00 40 mm $195.00
5 Gal $65.00 50 mm $195.00
7 Gal $65.00 60 mm $195.00
10 Gal $125.00 70 mm $195.00
15 Gal $125.00 80 mm $225.00
20 Gal $135.00 90 mm $225.00
30 mm $250.00 100 mm $350.00
40 mm $250.00 110 mm $350.00
50 mm $395.00 120 mm $350.00
130 mm $350.00
140 mm $350.00

The install fees for deciduous multi-stem trees are:

Hand Install

Machine Install

Height Price Height Price
50 – 60 mm $395.00 50 – 60 mm $195.00
70 – 80 mm $395.00 70 – 80 mm $195.00
90 – 100 mm $395.00 90 – 100 mm $225.00
110 – 120 mm $225.00
130 – 140 mm $350.00
150 – 160 mm $350.00
170 – 180 mm $350.00